We are a True Partner

We have dedicated our efforts to ensure all our clients experience the highest possible quality of service.

Our Story

Established and incorporated in Kenya in April 2016, George Nelson Group provides high quality, cost-effective and sustainability-conscious public relations and corporate communications solutions to commercial enterprises, non-profit organizations and individuals in Kenya and the East Africa region, who may need immediate reactionary help, in-house capacity building or long-term management, in attracting, maintaining and effectively engaging with their stakeholders.

We achieve these results by having skilled, experienced team of experts who provide an all-encompassing program or a la carte to meet our client’s needs.


George Nelson Group’s mission is to turn ideas into high quality, creative public relations and corporate communication solutions through an outcomes-based approach to address business challenges, enhance organizational performance and promote economic and social development in a cost-effective and sustainable way that exceeds customer expectations.

We exist to support our clients to attract, maintain and effectively engage with their customers. We adhere to the maxim of discovering new possibilities every day.


Our Vision is to become a leading firm enabling businesses, organizations and
individuals to effectively leverage their potentials and opportunities to spur growth through delivering of modern, innovative and client-focused solutions backed by excellent service delivery, customer relations and technology.

Working with You

When you engage George Nelson Group, we can work with you in the following ways:
Short Term Projects
Short duration project-based consulting or supplying through which we enable clients to harness our unique qualities and expertise to solve specific challenges.
Long Term Contracts
Long-term engagements through which we represent our client as an extension of our client functions by completely understanding the clients’ situation, objectives and constraints and continuously exploring new opportunities and developing new strategies, products and services as is appropriate to the client
Strategic Partnerships
We are open to enter into collaborative arrangements with businesses and organizations that share our passion and values with the aim of achieving sub-contracting, franchising or joint ventures in one or more of the services we offer.

Whatever their sector, all our clients share the same expectation from us: that we are accountable, responsible, effective and honest. We know that when enthusiasm is combined with clear objectives then we are more likely to achieve a successful outcome and that’s why we strive for both successful individual clients and as a company.

Commitment to Our Clients

  • Placing great importance in completely understanding our clients in order to customize our solutions to respond to their specific needs.
  • Creating solutions that ignite a spark of emotion and deep connection where a brand and its audience cross paths.
  • Respect for our clients, their unique situations and audiences; and anchor our services on sound research through which we understand our clients’ environments.
  • Creating and sustaining great working relationships, protecting institutional brands, and building great reputations that inspire attitude and behaviour change.
  • Providing exceptional services through progressive approaches.

Meet the Team

George Nelson Group is a partnership of two professionals with years of experience and insight in public relations, communications and marketing, supported by a team of staff and professional consultants. We hold the best competences needed in order to bring each project to a successful execution. Our team of project managers act as key contributors to our success, representing focal points of our network of partners. Our project managers consider it their main responsibility to bring together the best fit team for each individual project, assigning tasks to each member and conducting high-quality management throughout the subsequent processes. Our network of partners include formally associated local and foreign editors, UN-trained translators, graphic & digital designers, print facilities, and logistics companies, among others.